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 CHRISTMAS PETS WERE UP YESTERDAY! (and an overview of pets...)

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PostSubject: CHRISTMAS PETS WERE UP YESTERDAY! (and an overview of pets...)   Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:17 am

Firstly, For those that forgot, Our new website still is www.thecelestialpets.myadopts.com , You may be confused and going to our old website. Anyway, Christmas pets were put up yesterday. Yesterday a glitch disabled my ability to post, Which was why I didn't post this yesterday.

First, this month, We have two guest artists joining us. Their names are Alina Mau and Seasonal. I have known both of them for a while, virtually. Go and adopt their Christmas-themed pets at www.thecelestialpets.myadopts.com/adopt.php

We also have the amazing Hawkbelly, our Head Artist, with a Christmas-themed pet for you to enjoy! Go and get it!

Thirdly, We have two Holiday pets of my creation. One is a Rudolph, My Christmas adoptable, and the other is a Driedel fox, My Hanukkah adoptable. I hope you have fun with this silly looking pets, and adopt them along with Hawky's, Seasonal's, and Alina's!

Last, Your favorite toad, Patch has made a Christmassy blob of course! However, He only made the newborn... I made the outcome! Which means this is the very first artist collaboration on CP! This pet was made by Champ and Patch. Let's hope we see more collaboration in the future, eh?

Now, Go out there and adopt those pets!

Merry Christmas! santa
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CHRISTMAS PETS WERE UP YESTERDAY! (and an overview of pets...)
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