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 JC's Book

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PostSubject: JC's Book   JC's Book EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 5:13 pm

There is a world where wolves thrive and food is plentiful. That world is White Ridge. There is one pack to rule over the world of wolves. They are The Ghosts.

Chapter 1
The Journey of Ghosts
Ragha, the leader of the Ghosts, fears the worst for his pack as the walk through the blistering cold wind on the very top of Snowy Peak. Ragha was at head with Dark Night at his heels. They hade the pups in the center, trying to keep them warm. “Ragha, we must stop .We…. we have to find shelter.. ” whimpered StarMoon, Ragha’s mate. Ragha looked back to see the wolves covered in snow and frost. ”Fine! Come Frost!” Ragha growled over the wind. A large white wolf came ambling towards Ragha. Frost looked at Ragha as he passed, leading the way. Ragha didn’t like the wolf’s eyes. Frost was pure white with a blue eye and a green one. They walked along the ridge looking for a cave. Finally ,after 20 minutes of searching, they found a bid enough one and sent for the pack to come. With deep howls Frost and Ragha called for StarMoon and the pack.
StarMoon was the first one up, fallowed by the pups and their moms. “Wow! When you guys pick a cave you really pick a cave!” exclaimed Terror ,one of Luna’s pups. Frost chuckled but the cold hearted Ragha said nothing. At an early age Ragha had been abandoned by his parents. He had braved many winters of cold without the warmth of his mothers fur. Yes it is true, Ragha is as cold as the White Ridge wind.
“Ragha dear? Are you OK?” asked StarMoon, Waving a paw at Ragha. He blinked a few times before saying “Oh, yes dear quite fine.” He walked over and lied down next to her. ”Ah. It will take awhile to get over this ridge, you know this don’t you Ragha?” asked StarMoon. Ragha sighed, “Yes, I know dear, I know.
“You also remember that there are pups here, don’t you?”
“And that there are sick wolves?”
“Yes! Yes StarMoon I know this!”
“Then why did you chose to travel!? If you know so much why did you chose to leave our Valley?”
All fell silent at these words.
StarMoon gazed around at the pups that were staring at her. Frost nudge the pups away and walked over to Ragha. ”Sir, there is a pack advancing on us. The scouts have come back with a captive.” Frost pointed to a tall black wolf sitting at the entrance to the cave. StarMoon gasped and Ragha walked over to the wolf.” State your pack and name. ”Ragha said to the wolf “My name is WhiteWind. My pack is SilverWater.” the wolf replied.
Ragha snorted and walked away. ”Take him to the holding pen. He will be our captive until the pack surrenders.” Ragha turned to look at Frost, Moon, and Trill. “Well! Get on with it then!” Ragha turned back to StarMoon, “Ragha, dear, calm down.” Ragha
growled and snapped “I’ll calm down when the world ends!” StarMoon looked taken aback at Ragha’s harsh words. She sighed and walked to the back of the cave where she lied down next to all the pups and began to nurse them. “StarMoon, why is Ragha so upset?” asked Nemra, the smallest. StarMoon sighed and looked at her. “ I don’t know my pup. I don’t know.” She put all her pups to bed and went to lie down next to Ragha.
Frost snorted in his sleep, making StarMoon jump.
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PostSubject: Re: JC's Book   JC's Book EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 2:58 pm

Very well written. c: Miss you :c

JC's Book PPCMI am the one who protects my friends.<3~Alex Pettyfer Obsessed~My Characters
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JC's Book
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