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 CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue

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PostSubject: CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue   Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:55 pm

Hi guys! It's me, Patch, And I finally learned how to spell! I noticed there's no active CP newspaper- I'm changing that here and now! I am writing a monthly newspaper for you all to enjoy.

An Overview of This Month's Pets By Me

It's now September, so you can now adopt pets again, because there's new ones here! I shall give some commentary on this month's beautiful pets.

Champ made some really nice pets to celebrate Hawkbelly's birthday! Be sure to wish one of our admins a Happy Birthday, and adopt the pet too. Champ also introduced a new species, Bears! It has been reported that he will be making them monthly.

Hawkbelly made some fall cats to celebrate fall! Almost time for hibernation... Oh wait, I'm the only one here that hibernates... Anyway, If you want to be festive for the season, pick up a fall cat by Hawkbelly on the adopts page on the main site!

Once again, Wisteria has made some detailed hyenas for us to enjoy this month! She mustv'e spent a LONG time on them for them to be so good! She also made some pretty wolves, another new species for her, so be sure to pick those up at the adopts page too!

I made some pets too, of course. I'm sure you all know my line of pets, Blobs. Creative, colorful things I make to contribute to CP. (I'm a toad, I can't make much.) This month, They are now growable! Give them enough clicks, They will grow! Click them more, They will grow again! Be sure to adopt them!

You may have not noticed, But Champ just added A Butterfly, made by LoopySchnauzer! Good job Loopy! Be sure to adopt that pet too, along with the other great pets this month!

Blackie, Our third administrator, was unable to make pets this month, Because she is really busy. She hopes to make it next month, along with Shinya, our dragon artist!

Questions An Admin?

Want to ask a question and have it featured in the next issue of the CP Tribune to the admins? Just ask in reply to this thread, and it will be featured! Here's a short QA session with Champ.

Q (From me): How did you get the idea of making this website?
A (From Champ:) I have been on many adopt websites, So I thought it would be cool to make my own, So I got Hawkbelly and made it. Smile

Q (From Me): Any future plans?
A (From Camp): I'll tell you what; My plan is to get more members.

Moderator change By Me

Unfortunately, Kikiara, One of our moderators, has a busy life and no longer has time for her job. She will be missed, and she hopes to return when life gets easier. Champ will be holding Moderator Applications soon to fill her position.

Wanna write for the CP Tribune? PM Patch, and you can become a reporter and report stories for the newpaper!

Wanna trade? By me

There is a trade system on CP in existence, and you must go to www.celestialpets.myadopts.com/trade.php and enable trades for the pet you wanna trade.

That's it for our issue this month! Leave your commentary, and see you in October! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue   Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:12 pm

No one read it?
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PostSubject: Re: CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue   Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:53 pm

Aww! Patch! THis is soo cool!
THanks fo comenting on the very first pets by myself!
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PostSubject: Re: CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue   

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CP Tribune~September 2010 Issue
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