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 A good topic for stories.

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A good topic for stories. Empty
PostSubject: A good topic for stories.   A good topic for stories. EmptySat Oct 30, 2010 8:58 am

Hello everyone. This is my wonderful Idea that shall hopefully work. Idea So as you all know, I love to write, and I bet you didn't know this..I have written a 500 paged book. Now, I want some ideas to write a faboulous story. You can add yourself in it, make up a character, tell what genre you want it to be and more. Here is the forum to fill out for your idea to me. I will write a paragraph and see how much I like it. The winner with the best storyline I will make their story come alive! Thanks and here is the forum!

characters personality: (Name all like; Name: description Name: description)

Thanks and I almost forgot! here are the prize buckets. How the prize bucket works is if I like one of your stories, you get to pick from the prize bucket. You must name a number 1-10 and whatever number you pick you get a certain prize. But the prize bucket is only temporary. It will continue from today til November 10th. So hurry, hurry, hurry!!!
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A good topic for stories.
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