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 My adoptable from this month

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My adoptable from this month Empty
PostSubject: My adoptable from this month   My adoptable from this month EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 11:50 pm

this adoptalbe that i have means alot to me..i love it only because of this story:

she was a 10 year old girl, she was blond and has bright green eyes, she lived with her older brother and two younger brothers and her mother and father, she loved to be outside and play with her dog May. but one day when she was nine she was told she had canser, and then her family did everything for her, even though she had canser she she was fun loving and loved to play with her dog.
Her dog was the only thing that made her forget that she had canser, about a month before she died she started to get worse and lived in the hospital, and her mother was always with her to support her..about a week before she died, they aloud them to bring there dog to visit her and she was the happest she could ever be..on the day that she died. all her family was there to see her die.
her family prayed to the lord our God so that she could live in heaven, and watched over her, i forget when, but she had all her friends and family come out to be with her famliy..and comfort them..and still now they have a picture that she drew of soaring eagle in a frame and in her room, and everything in her room was left they way she left it..

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My adoptable from this month
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