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 CP's future

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CP's future Empty
PostSubject: CP's future   CP's future EmptyTue May 24, 2011 8:32 pm


If your'e reading this, I'm sure your aware CP has suffered from lack of activity in recent months. However, I do hope everyone comes back this summer, becaus eI have plans to revamp Celestial Pets, and our amazing art staff will get back to making pets A.S.A.P. Please, if you can, come frequently, and tell your friends... Becaus eI would like to announce the all new...

Celestial Pets Version 2 (V2), as I mentioned before, a total revamp of the main site and forums which will add all sorts of new things and being a member on CP will have as much benefits as ever! More info to come soon!

So please, Come back as much as you can!

Champ Very Happy

Hello. I am Champ, this website's creator. Please leave a message after the tone. BEEP!

Keep the forums clean; Keep yourself out of trouble; Don't post spam.

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CP's future
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